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Adult And Juvenile Crimes Explained

Know The Differences Between Adult And Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crimes in California have a specialized set of rules and regulations. Richard Arroyo knows that, as a parent, it is frightening when your child gets in trouble. I want you to know that I am here to help. I have experience dealing with the juvenile justice system and can assist you in getting your child the treatment that they need and deserve. Here are a few things you should know:
Under California law, a party is, in most instances, treated as a “minor” if he or she has not yet reached the age of 18. Cases involving minors are not handled through the regular criminal courts but, rather, through the California Juvenile Court System. While the Criminal Court System is designed to punish offenders, the juvenile justice system is designed with the goal of either treatment and/or rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.
With this in mind, the juvenile justice system gives broad discretion to police, judges, and prosecutors in their treatment of juvenile offenders. The police may release a juvenile to the custody of his parents. In addition, the sentencing options are much broader and more lenient than in the Criminal Court System. These include informal probation, formal probation, detention, and, only if necessary and usually only for repeat offenses, incarceration in a juvenile detention facility. There are also joint programs available with the school system, social service agencies, and community-based organizations.
In the juvenile justice system, a minor has most of the same constitutional rights as an adult defendant. These rights are the requirement to be advised of their rights at the time of arrest, to not make any statement that might incriminate them, to have an attorney present at their request for all proceedings, including any in which a statement is requested from the defendant. However, even though the minor may request to have their parents present during any questioning by police, the police are not necessarily required to inform the minor of this right.
In addition, the minor is not entitled to a trial by jury, but, only “Adjudication” (a trial in front of a judge). For these reasons, it is crucial for a minor to be represented by a competent defense attorney, like Richard Arroyo, as soon as possible following detention, arrest, or a Notice to Appear in juvenile court so that the juvenile’s rights can be protected.
Due to recent law changes (Proposition 21), a minor can be transferred to the adult Criminal Court System for certain specified serious or violent alleged crimes. This is true for minors even as young as 14. In most juvenile cases, a judge will determine whether such a transfer is appropriate. For these cases, it is even more important to retain Richard Arroyo to fight the transfer or represent the juvenile once the case has been transferred.
Parents should also be advised that California has recently made changes making sentences longer for crimes that are deemed “gang-related”. The court may impose detention in a Department of Juvenile Justice facility for even minor offenses if the offense is deemed “gang-related”. It is important to fight the “gang-related” association when charges are brought under these new laws.
It is important to speak with a qualified adult or juvenile criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible moment regarding your or your child’s case. Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Richard F. Arroyo at the Arroyo Law Center for a FREE mobile or office consultation.

Free Legal Resources

Arroyo Law Center - Richard Arroyo, Attorney has been helping clients for over 35 years. We represent juveniles and adults with their criminal defense legal needs. For more information about the legal process and your rights, please read our FREE legal resources below to help you better understand what happens in the juvenile system.
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Get the basic answers you need about the legal process with Arroyo Law Center and our helpful flowcharts. We've been helping people for over 35 years with their criminal defense legal needs. For more information, call us for a FREE consultation or visit our office. Walk-in appointments are welcome! Se Habla Español!
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Know More About The Juvenile Criminal Justice Process

Arroyo Law Center - Richard Arroyo, Attorney has been helping juveniles charged with criminal offenses for over 35 years. We can provide your juvenile with thorough and aggressive representation to defend their rights and their best interests. We don't over-promise to our clients. We tell you what you need to know. Read some common questions about the juvenile process to better know what to expect for your juvenile.

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